Help us reach our goal


Help us reach our goal


California holds great promise of social and economic mobility if we can make it count.  In order to ensure the promise, we must fight for necessary resources to create resilient communities for future generations. A strong Assembly District 57th  is only possible if we invest in Education, Healthcare, Economic Development, and the Environment.

What do resilient communities look like?

  • They are economically resilient — growing small business sector, workforce that excels in new industries, increased educational attainment and career pathways. 
  • They are climate resilient — addressing local impact of climate change, building smarter, protecting and preserving our natural resources.
  • They are socially resilient — investing in strong education, strong community development, and strong civic participation.

Why am I running?

I’m running because I believe that we need more from Sacramento.  I want to bring our local energy to fight for greater action and investment from Sacramento.  Our local communities and leaders are on the front lines; they know what works—let’s set a model of policy making informed collectively by our local leaders and residents—to get solutions that work and matter.

I see our local residents doing their part for California; buying and expanding homes, starting small businesses, and paying taxes.  I see tremendous innovation and creativity from our residents, local elected officials in cities, school districts and the county. They are working hard to address issues that threaten our health and prosperity from affordable housing and homelessness to education and youth development.  We need a leader that will carry our collective voices of creativity and courage to Sacramento.

Oscar Valladares and Family

About Oscar Valladares

Rio Hondo College Board President

Oscar Valladares has been a resident of the 57th Assembly District for 12 years. He moved to Whittier in 2008 to start his family. He has been a strong community advocate fighting for a region that works for all residents of the District.

In 2018, Oscar was elected to the Rio Hondo Community College Board of Trustees where he has been fighting for greater investments to help community college students realize the promise of higher education through quality career opportunities. Oscar was unanimously voted by his colleagues as Board President in June and again in December 2019. He is now serving his full term for 2020.

Oscar is a former Dreamer, an immigrant from Guatemala, a product of public education, proud alumnus of East Los Angeles Community College, and California State University Los Angeles.

Majored in Latin American Studies

President, Rio Hondo College Board of Trustees

Leadership. Experience. Values.


Campaign EventEvent Information Coming Soon

11 Janurary 2020
7:30 PM
Whittier, CA. 90601

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